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4 Reasons to try Biokinetics

As Biokineticists, Hennie and I often get asked the question “what exactly is biokinetics?” or “what is it that you do?”.

By definition biokinetics, or often referred to as exercise rehabilitation, is the process of using scientifically designed exercise programs to improve functional ability, manage chronic conditions and increase overall quality of life.

The term biokinetics first originated in South Africa and stems from the latin words ; “BIO” – meaning life and “KINETICS” – meaning movement movement. In other words Biokinetics is (Life) through (Movement).

At Trinity Fitness Namibia we specialize in offering professional biokinetics rehabilitation training catered to your individual health and wellness needs. Biokineticists use exercise as a form of medicine to help promote healthy movement, improve bodily function and reduce overall risk of injury.

As biokineticists we focus primarily on final phase rehabilitation and prevention, working hand in hand with other health care providers such as physiotherapists, physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedic therapists.

Here are 4 reasons why you should give biokinetics a go!

1. Biokinetics believes in treating each person as an individual.

Every human body is completely unique and as such there cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to rehabilitation and exercise. Each patient undergoes a full evaluation protocol before starting their biokinetics rehabilitation journey. This allows the Biokineticist to carefully assess the needs of the individual and design an exercise rehabilitation program that is custom and specific to each patient. Treating each patient as an individual is crucial to effectively identifying and addressing the root or cause of the condition, thereby preventing future onset and promoting long-term relief.

2. Biokinetics is the science of healthy movement.

As Biokineticist we are trained in chronic disease management, orthopedic rehabilitation, special populations and sports performance training. Biokinetics uses muscle strengthening exercises, soft tissue release and correct body alignment as treatment modalities to help improve the quality of your movement. This is done by correcting strength imbalances and improving flexibility in your muscles and joints.

3. Biokinetics believes that exercise is the best form of medicine.

Movement is a natural healer and a great deal can be fixed by a series of carefully-prescribed exercises. People are often told to take pharmaceuticals and rest to treat pain or injury, but this is simply masking a problem and often does not address the underlying cause of the problem. We believe that pain is a symptom of an underlying issue. Often the injured area is not necessarily the only area that needs to be treated. Pain can be referred due to injury or dysfunction in a certain joint or muscle. Biokinetics specializes in trying to identify and address the underlying problems rather than simply managing the symptoms.

4. Biokinetics is for everyone.

As Biokineticist we are trained to work with all individuals regardless of age, race, gender or nationality. Healthy, functional movement is beneficial to all individuals and is ultimately a vital part of human nature. Whether you work out regularly, are stuck in a sedentary job, want to improve your performance or are dealing with an injury and chronic pain, biokinetics can help you improve your overall functionality, health and wellness.

At Trinity Fitness Namibia we pride ourselves in providing professional, high quality exercise rehabilitation. Simply put, our goal is to help you move better and get back to doing what it is you love doing.

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