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Three workouts that are BETTER than Running

If you are anything like our Biokineticist Hennie, the thought of running makes you want to throw your hands up and surrender to the fitness police. He really hates it, and if you feel the same way, keep reading to find out what other workouts you can do to give you the same level of cardiovascular exercise, but without the long boring runs.

Generally, running is and has always been considered to be the cornerstone of any cardiovascular program. Without a doubt, running is really good for your health, but it does not mean everyone enjoys it!

Fact is, you don’t have to log hundreds of kilometers on the road or the treadmill to get your cardiovascular system working to its maximum! Dynamic workouts that push your limits through simple bodyweight movements combined with effective workout design can be a fun alternative to that same old 5km.

Here are three example workouts for your next cardio session! Enjoy!

This high-intensity cardio workout is designed to challenge your heart and lungs (in a good way). You’ll be gasping for air after just the first set!

This workout was designed to take 10 minutes—or about the same time it takes for the average guy to run 1.5km. However instead of just hammering your legs and lungs—like you would on a run—this workout hits every muscle from head to toe.If you like feeling the burn, the muscle marathon will definitely Satisfy your “burning desire”.

This simple workout may not seem like much at first, but it will break you if you’re not careful.

The plank variations will work your core stability, while different variations of the lunge will help you build solid muscle in your lower body.

You’ll probably reconsider those long boring runs after a few of these workouts.

Most importantly, don’t give up on cardio completely. The benefits of cardiovascular exercise are easily overlooked, but should always be considered as a central component in any fitness program!

Your heart is a muscle after all, and by strengthening it, your blood gets pumped more efficiently throughout your body! Cardiovascular exercise also helps lower your blood pressure and burns a ton of calories.

Finally, cardiovascular exercise, whether it be running, or the above workouts. will improve your mood, and helps you sleep better at night! So get out there and get sweating!