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10 Tips for Fitness Success

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy! If you are struggling to stay motivated and the thought of going to the gym seems overwhelming; then here are our top 10 tips for fitness success!

1.     Consistency is Key!

No matter what workout or meal plan you are following, if you are not consistent, you will not see results!

The human body gradually adapts to repeated physiological strain and therefore it generally takes time before you begin to see changes in your body. The biggest mistake people make with exercise is giving up too quickly and being inconsistent with how they approach exercising.

Being inconsistent and missing out on exercise sessions for unnecessary reasons not only slows down any physiological changes taking place; but it also disturbs the ‘habit’ and can result in decreased motivation and laziness.

Be patient and most importantly; DO NOT STOP!

2.    Set goals!

One easy way to stay motivated on your fitness journey is by setting yourself realistic and achievable short and long-term goals. Goals not only provide you with clear direction and focus but achieving them results in a great boost in motivation.

Goals should always be realistic and attainable; and wherever possible should include a date or timeline in which to achieve them by. Open ended goals can often lack priority and lead to decreased motivation.

Examples of long-term fitness goals could be; to bench press 100kg by the end of the year or to lose 10kgs within 6 Months. Short-term goals could be; to not miss out on an exercise session for 2 weeks or to not eat any sugar for 10 days. Follow an effective exercise program!

3.    Prioritize yourself!

The most common excuse for not exercising or living a healthy life is “I don’t have time” or “I am too busy”.

By saying you do not have time to exercise and invest in your health all you are really saying is: I would rather spend my time doing something else. If you do not prioritize your own health and well-being you will NOT achieve a healthier life.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day, which is 168 hours in a week. Of those 168 hours you can definitively set aside 2-4 hours on improving yourself!

4.    Get a gym buddy!

Convince your friends to start with you or find someone with the similar fitness goals!

Not only is exercise a great way to build friendships and to socialize; but by having someone there with you reduces the chances that you will skip out on your workout sessions or cheat on your diet.

5.    Get professional help!

If you are serious about improving your fitness and health do not be scared to invest in professional help!

Whether it be general exercise, nutrition, rehabilitation or elite level sport; make sure you surround yourself with individuals who know what they are doing. By seeking advice from professionals you drastically improve your chances for success; after all, that’s what they get paid to do!

6.    Have fun!

Exercise is not easy! If it was then everyone would be doing it and everyone would be fit and healthy. When many people think ‘exercise’, they think of slaving away in a gym and generally not having much fun.

Some individuals prefer working out alone, others prefer group based classes. You might not enjoy lifting weights, but you might really enjoy swimming, or dancing. Exercise is simply defined as structured physical activity. So find something you enjoy and get sweating!

In order to stay motivated about exercise it is important to enjoy it! There are thousands of different sports, training facilities, workout plans and exercise types out there. Find a form of exercise which you enjoy and focus on that!

7.    Variety is the spice of life!

Being on one fixed training protocol, exercise program or diet plan for a prolonged period is often necessary but can be monotonous and boring.

If you find yourself in a position of stagnation and boredom, try mixing up your normal routine to keep things interesting. Changes in time, location and mode of training can help keep things interesting and prevent boredom.

8.    Be the early bird!

Don’t be scared to get up early! Kick start your day by exercising in the mornings!

Morning exercise has been shown to enhance your metabolism; helping you lose weight and leaving you feeling more energetic throughout the day. Early morning exercise also releases endorphins which help improve your focus and mental abilities during the day.

Finally, whilst early morning exercise generally requires more self-discipline, it is often easier to come up with excuses why not to exercise later in the day; especially if you had a stress full day or if unexpected problems arise.

9.    Find role models/motivators!

There are thousands of fitness/health influencers out there and with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube connecting with them is easier than ever!

Find someone who inspires you! Someone who is on the same path as you, or better yet, someone who has already done it! Surround yourself with positive role models and allow yourself to be inspired by them!

10. Don’t forget recovery!

It is very easy to get caught up in certain exercise regimes or sports and often one of the biggest long-term problems athletes face is burnout.

Over-training is necessary for physiological adaptation to take place, but long-term over training can lead to injury as well as mental and emotional fatigue. The human body needs time to rest in order to refuel and regenerate after prolonged periods of hard training.

One way to prevent burnout and injury is to actively schedule recovery sessions/periods. Recovery also does not necessarily mean ‘doing nothing’. Active recovery (low-intensity exercise), massage, foam rolling, ice baths, and stretching are but a few options to help speed up the recovery process and help keep your mind and body in optimal shape.